Urban Smart Network Features

The ability to interact with and post content to multiple social media networks from a single platform is central to the value proposition provided by Urban Smart Network. Share content seamlessly on all of the major social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, and Twitter with just one click.

Urban Smart Network provides a reliable and secure platform with 99.9% uptime. Our infrastructure is ready to scale to your needs whether that be hundreds or millions of followers with tens of millions of page views. Off the shelf features include custom profiles, photo upload, forums, blogs, and events.

Our robust technology stack enables world class performance and a rich menu of advanced capabilities for your media distribution including:

  • Responsive Design
  • Anti – Spam Protection
  • Available Professional Quality Themes
  • CSS and Java Script Customization available
  • Full featured mobile application integration

Why Urban Smart Networks

Entertainment streamed from the cloud through centralized data centers can offer economies of scale for content storage and streaming delivery to millions of subscribers. However, the quality of service for media delivery, transaction security, digital rights management, and reliability of the streaming service is the key to the successful generation of revenue for media providers. All of these components require data center class networking technologies: high speed, high availability, multi-directional, and scalable. Urban Smart Network joins these distinct technologies into a seamless consumer experience allowing content providers to focus on content delivery.
Urban Smart Network brings an advanced Cloud based platform for high end content distribution that is reliable and optimized for video and audio entertainment. Our price points are designed to allow content providers to maximize profits. Our streaming technology is built around high scalable and secure architecture that delivers world class performance for live streaming events such as concerts, streaming television, and corporate communication. Urban Smart Network is leading the wave and brings our partners an answer to concerns around the disruption of the media distribution marketplace which is well underway.
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